Events in Croatia

Exhibition Marc Chagall: Colours of Love

The exhibition represents an enchanting retrospective of graphic works from the world master of modern arts – the magnificent Marc Chagall. Situated at the Kortil Gallery as part of the Croatian Cultural Center on Sušak in Rijeka, the exhibition displays a retrospective of graphic works of the world master of modern art – the enchanting wanderer Marc Chagall. The collection holds eighty graphic works and memorabilia dating from the early twenties to the mid-eighties of the last century. Through a series of lithographs, copperplates and woodcuts any art enthusiast has the opportunity to dive into the artist's persistent commitment to Love in all its forms, faces and languages.

WTA Croatia Bol Open

WTA Croatia Bol Open is by many means a unique sports event. It’s the only professional women's tennis tournament in the region, it has been recognized as world’s best organized 125K Series tournament (despite the youngest organizing team!) and it takes place at one of the most beautiful locations that can be imagined - the Bluesun Zlatni Rat Tennis Centre Bol, on the island of Brač.   The deep blue sea, the famous red soil of 26 tennis courts and the calming greenery of the pines create an unforgettable scenery which continues to attract contestants, sports lovers and the general public from Croatia and from all-over the world.     This year again, the tournament will be the best introduction to Summer. Throughout its 6 days, from 3rd to 9th June, in addition to exciting matches, the visitors will be able to enjoy a rich entertaining program featuring performances of the world's most famous DJs, surprises and creations of gastronomic stars and the participation of many internationally renowned artists.   All this creates a unique combination that makes this tournament a traditional stop for international and domestic visitors, media and tennis players who come to Bol from almost all continents to compete for an attractive prize pool and precious 160 WTA points.   And the list of special features does not end here: Bol is the smallest city in the world hosting a WTA tournament and last, but not least – the seats at the Bol Central Stadium outnumber the city’s population.   Tournament events start on June 3rd, with drawing of lots and Player's party.

Harley Davidson Rally

The roads of Zagreb will be fulfilled with the rumbling sound of Harley-Davidson bikes for the 3rd time in a row. During three days, from Friday, 31st of May to Sunday, the 2nd of June, island Trešnjevka, on Jarun lake, will be the home for all people who love to ride and have fun. All Harley owners, all bikers, all citizens and visitors of Zagreb are cordially invited to join our unforgettable event by Pleter Chapter Croatia, the City of Zagreb and the Zagreb Tourist Board. Use this opportunity to take a ride on your motorbike through the centre of Zagreb, park on Ban Jelačić Square and experience Zagreb through the eyes of legendary Black Queen of Medvedgrad, swim in Jarun lake (the Zagreb Sea) and celebrate Zagreb City Day with us and ten Croatian rock bends! You can be the part of this unforgettable weekend!

Klapa Singing Festival in Omiš

Croatian culture is as old as the stone on which Dalmatia, the beautiful coastal region of Croatia, lies. The wonderful scenes with the sun, the coast and the islands are best expressed through the “klapa” singing (“klapa” is a group of male or female singers who sing in a special way, typical for Dalmatia) which is one of the facets of the old Croatian culture. To lose “klapa” singing it would mean to destroy all the links to and memories of the past and the people who cherished the traditional singing with love and passed it to every new generation. That love gave birth to the “klapa” singing Festival in Omis, a unique museum of a specific part of the Croatian culture, the museum where soul and song merges.

Fažana street food festival

Street food; simple, convenient, ready-to-eat food sold by street vendors, food to go, a guarantee of quality and memorable food experience. "Fažanski gušti (tastes)"in their street food edition... Prepare yourself for three days of simple, delicious and innovative food ideas, take part in cooking workshops, have fun or just relax and have a beach picnic with inevitable rock, jazz, pop soundtracks...

NONO art festival

Promotion of the contemporary visual arts scene of Istria through the dialogue between audience and artists.

Senatus Populusque Fasanensis: Roman Valbandon

Presentation of Fažana's Roman history; Roman villas and olive oil works, amphora production plant and gastronomy offer of ancient Roman recipes As many as seven Roman patrician families had their magnificent villas built in the area of Fažana, together with small production plants. At one of these sites, in Valbandon bay, every July we go back into the past, all the way to classical Roman times!

Gastronomy festival, Fažana

Competition in preparing traditional Istrian maneštra, presenting traditional crafts related to Istrian cuisine. What were Istrian gastronomy and local cuisine like in the period called “La Belle Époque” at the beginning of the 20th century? A visit to Fažana takes us to this “gastronomy festival” which opens its doors and reveals the secrets of the kitchens and fireplaces of long ago. The traditional dish maneštra (thick vegetable soup) has its place of honor here. “Maneštra festival” is a tribute to this culinary evergreen.

Porto Ethno Festival

Rhythms, chants, flavours and scents from various cultures across the globe will make Rijeka the centre of global culture in the first weekend of September. What better example of Rijeka's multicultural collage than these approximately one-hundred musicians and 15 cuisines from all over the world.
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