Events in Croatia

Rijeka Carnival Queen Pageant

The beginning of the Rijeka carnival and the introductory Rijeka Carnival Queen Pageant are scheduled for 17 January at the Dvorana mladosti Sports Hall starting at 8 pm. The bravest of the candidates will face each other off in a showdown of stage performances and their knowledge of the carnival tradition in an attempt to win the hearts of the audience using charm and wit to their advantage. The candidate that does best will join the Carnival Master and become the 25th representative of the Rijeka Carnival. Once clad in her golden cloak, the future queen will be very busy as, throughout the entire year, she will be attending a host of carnival-related events in and around Rijeka, Croatia and abroad. Along with the Queen Pageant, the best stage performance of the carnival groups that form the entourage of each candidate is also awarded a prize. Once the new Rijeka Carnival Queen has been proclaimed, the mayor of Rijeka hands the key to the city over to the Carnival Master in a ceremonial act that officially sets off the fifth season, much to the delight of thousands of carnival-goers, as it signals that from now on they are to rule the city.

Advent in Crikvenica

The Town of Crikvenica is preparing for you a real Christmas magic with lots of content for all ages. Be a part of one of our workshops. For gourmets, we have a gastro workshop of holiday specialties or for Christmas decoration lovers you can try to make a Christmas decoration just for yourself or your loved ones.   Christmas animated films for kids, skating rink "Ledena morska bajka" on the main town square, fairs, great entertainment programme, and lots of other surprises awaits you. Hang out with Saint Nicholas and Santa Claus, take a ride through the town with Santa's carriage or train, sneak into his forest and try to find his house and the small village of dwarves. Feel the scent of mulled wine and Christmas cakes through the Preradovićeva Street and take a photo on one of the photo Christmas points.   And at the end of the whole Christmas story be with us on the traditional celebration on December 30th and at the concert of Giuliano.

Advent Festival In Karlovac

Every Advent festival hides a magical moment or two, and the Karlovac Advent Fair brings the magic of encounters! It is an encounter with the tradition, the town, and its inhabitants! An encounter with close friends, a walk with a view to meeting someone or just an inquisitive tour of the Advent Fair… it’ll all create magic just for you!   We like to boast that the Karlovac Advent leads the way in a variety of its events and the number of performers, that it has the most original Christmas Village in the area, that it’s the warmest winter festival in spite of the snow and frost. It’s up to you to check out those claims and see for yourselves how subjective we are.   While slowly walking along the Karlovac Promenade, you’ll get a feeling that you’re following the footsteps of ladies and gentlemen that used to walk those paths while the trees were still young, and you may even catch a glimpse of their shadows, too. The sounds emanating from the Music Pavilion are going to attract you to the very heart of the commotion, while the smells of the traditional cuisine are going to pull you into the vicious circle you are not even going to want to break out of. Colorful gifts, dancing candles, and mirthful smiles will help you see the world, at least for the moment, as a carefree and happy place. Just the way it should be!   The wishing well still holds a place for one of your wishes. The bench under an old linden tree always has at least one seat for you. The smell of mulled wine and the fragrant teas is intoxicating. The bells foretell the imminent happiness. The Karlovac Advent Fair – magic with a smile!   The treetops of the Karlovac Promenade, with thousands of little lights, will illuminate your way to the earnest and warmhearted encounter with your own self, and also with the great and beautiful people around you. And when the silence of the Christmas Eve descends upon us, we’ll light up the way you should take in peace. Or simply remain in the company of your loved ones.

Winter Fairytale in Kutina

  A magical Winter Fairytale is expecting you again this year in Kutina from November the 30th to January 6th. The most appealing of all the attractions, if you ask our youngest visitors, is the skating rink with its great ice piste.   The programme is rich and colourful, especially on weekend days, with various conveniences: attractive animators, creative workshops, shows, Santa Claus hut, musical performances and many more!   Christmas Fair will gather around craftsmen and artists with their original and unique products and you will be able to take a ride on the little Christmas train through streets of Kutina. Kids' New Year's Eve celebration will be held at noon and the ''official'' one for adults with the traditional fireworks will be organised in the evening.   You will be able to enjoy in many gastronomic delights while skating out in the open. Rich Christmas decorations will make your Advent photographs especially beautiful and memorable. Therefore, there's so much more to expect from experiencing Kutina and its Winter Fairytale!

Advent on Gradina

Advent on Gradina begins on 1 December with the spectacular lighting of a string of Christmas lights stretching over 17 km in the atmospheric space of Trsat Castle and Nugent park, as well as a holiday programme. Find out why more than 140,000 visitors have witnessed this magical moment in the last two years throughout December until 6 January. At the entrance to Trsat Castle, visitors will enter a Christmas fairy-tale by passing through the biggest and brightest bauble. Inside the walls, you will find the largest crown in Europe and a unique Nativity town, while the Trsat dragons will a pull a carriage. Thousands of Christmas lights will illuminate the ancient walls and provide a full Christmas fairy-tale experience. Outside the castle walls, in Nugent park, there will be something for everyone. The ice skating rink with an unmatched view of the city of Rijeka, meeting Santa Clause in his cave and the kids' New Year's party at noon will delight the children, while adults can enjoy the eventful music and entertainment programme while sipping mulled wine and nibbling on delicacies from one of the numerous Advent booths.

Christmas market and Advent programmes

Visit Korzo in December and feel the Christmas magic of Rijeka Advent. The lighting of the Christmas lights kicked off the wonderful Rijeka Advent and transformed Korzo into a Christmas boulevard, where Trsat Brass Band Santas, the Karlovac Drummers and the Spinčići Music Society will sing Christmas carols and spread Christmas cheer. Santa's choo-choo train will also help by offering free rides through Korzo from 5 December 2019 to 12 January 2020. Loyal vendors will showcase their products at the Christmas booths lining Korzo, so that you can buy authentic local products, an assortment of souvenirs and Christmas presents. Korzo will boast the biggest and brightest Christmas tree as its centrepiece, providing perfect Christmas photo opportunities with your loved ones. As in recent years, Ivan Kobler Square will be adorned with Christmas lights and filled with Christmas spirit from 30 November to 7 January. The programme begins with the lighting of the Advent candle and resumes with an evening holiday music programme and an abundant gastro and holiday offering. The excellent music programme consisting of Croatian and international hits will warm up the visitors during the cold days of Advent. Throughout December, the various daily gastro, music and dance programmes will bring joy to 128th Brigada Square. The youngest visitors can enjoy performances by children's choirs, the present hunt and a variety of children's plays, while in the evenings, the audience will get the chance to sing along and dance to the tunes of TBF, Koktelsi, Opća Opasnost and many others.

Ri Gastro Advent

This year, the Ri Gastro event will once again transform Riječka Rezolucija Square into a one-of-a-kind fairy-tale venue offering a rainbow of Christmas decorations, holiday beverages and authentic local dishes. Visitors will be able to try a variety of traditional regional Christmas and New Year's Eve foods, which will be prepared by an array of local hospitality workers to a fantastic live soundtrack provided by famous regional musicians. This year's entertainment programme has been enhanced with dance troupes and programmes for children and adults, such as the Circus Show and Stefan the Magician's Magic Act added to the music programme. See you again this year at the hidden Riječka Rezolucija Square with delectable delicacies.

Food and Healthy Living Fairs

FOOD AND HEALTHY LIVING FAIRS 10 years with you in good company   The central national event on the topic of food, healthy living and restoring natural balance with complementary approaches will take place from 5 - 8 December 2019.   Healthy Living Fairs, with their distinctive segments Organica & Kronoplja, Apitera and Mystic, have been recording an increased interest of visitors, exhibitors and experts year after year. Last year they were enriched with the segment of food in the broadest sense and thus ranked among top events of this kind.   Book the first weekend in December because many “mystical” treats are waiting for you: Saturday afternoon with border areas of science, Congress “Scientific evidence in unconventional medicine”, Apitherapy symposium - preserving health with bee products, numerous lectures, workshops and seminars, gastro show.   Working hours: from 10:00 – 19:00 h. Admission ticket price: HRK 20.00


CroAGRO at the ZAGREB FAIR   We are announcing the new fair project CroAGRO, the International Fair of Agriculture, Agricultural Equipment and Machinery to be held at the Zagreb Fair from 5 - 8 December.   After full 15 years, agriculture is returning to the Zagreb Fair. Thematic contents of this fair in the exhibition, professional and educational segment include agricultural machinery and equipment, agricultural and food products, seedlings and seed products, plant protection and natural soil fertility improvement means, as well as all necessary production equipment and production materials.   CROAGRO is the agricultural and family fair with many interesting contents: expert gatherings, conferences of family farms, the best producer selection in the fields of farming, livestock breeding and wine production, the Croatian Tractor of the Year selection, international evaluations of brandy and liqueurs, cheese and apples are just a part of the professional and entertaining programme scheduled for visitors every day.   Working hours: 10:00 - 19.00 h, on Sunday till 18:00 h. Admission ticket price: HRK 20.00
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