Events in Croatia

Požega Healthy City

Sports and recreational event where we present local healthy farm products, sports associations of the city and all interested entities promoting a healthy lifestyle. The partner at the event is the Požega Mountain Cycling Club, with the support of which we organize the City of Požega Cycling Tour, which is especially important for promoting our brand - hill and the valley.

Impulse festival

By the instructions and recommendations of the governing authorities the event has been postponed!   For the seventh year running, the Impulse Festival, the one-of-a-kind boutique club festival in Rijeka, will connect various locations in the city with the aim of promoting quality music and urban culture. This year's Impulse Festival will be held from 30 March to 5 April and will feature a sublime line-up consisting of performers such as Irena Žilić, Russian Circles and Torche (USA), Stonebride from Zagreb, All the Suns from Berlin, Buč Kesidi and many others. Tickets are available for purchase at the Dallas Music Shop in Rijeka or the Entrio online store. The events taking place during the festival through various media platforms (concerts, films, exhibitions, panel discussions) are centred on music, which is the backbone and common thread of the festival. This is what inspired the slogan Music is everywhere, which simply communicates and rounds out the festival's programme. The festival will also include the premiere of Marianne & Leonard: Words of Love at Art Kino, which will also host various exhibitions and panel discussions on music.

Porin Music Awards

By the instructions and recommendations of the governing authorities the event has been postponed!   For the second year in a row, Porin, the most prestigious music award ceremony in Croatia will be held in Rijeka at the Zamet Centre on 27 March. The Porin Music Awards gather the best musicians and contribute to the promotion of the destination, as well as enhance the quality of the music industry in Croatia through a wide array of events. You can expect a true music and stage spectacle at the 27th annual Porin Music Awards, with musical performances by a multitude of Croatian stars that will enthral the audience at the Zamet Centre, as well as the viewers in front of their TV sets. This year's Porin Music Awards nominees include: Urban&4, Marko Tolja, Damir Kedžo, Antonela Doko, Zvjezdan Ružić, Andrej Grozdanov, Ivan Popeskić, Zoran Majstorović, Filip Gržinčić, Ivanka & Mrle, Mia Negovetić and Olja'zz Music Factory.

Flower Fair in Prelog

Tourist Board of Prelog traditionally organizes a Flower Fair in Prelog every year, which takes place on the last weekend of April. Throughout the three days of the fair, visitors van enjoy in rich cultural - artistic program, ethno program, music program and customs, as well as visit cultural associations.   The aim of the Flower Fair is to encourage people to arrange their gardens and balconies, yards, kindergartens and schools, as well as to create a landscaping culture.

BIMEP Bike Tour

By the instructions and recommendations of the governing authorities the event has been canceled!   This year's traditional BIMEP Bike Tour will take place this Sunday, April 19th. It starts at 9am, anyone interested can join in at any entry/exit point until 6pm.   There are a total of 16 points which are in Čakovec, Domašinec, Donja Dubrava, Donji Kraljevec, Gornji Mihaljevec, Kotoriba (Goričan), Lopatinec, Macinec, Mursko Središće, Orehovica, Podturen, Prelog, Pušćine, Sveta Marija, Sv. Martina na Muri and Štrigova.   When enrolled, each participant will receive a diploma with a charted route. For children and people under the age of 14, the application is signed by the parent. For children and young people under 16, a cycling helmet is required. Everyone else is advised to wear one.   In case of a bad weather, BIMEP will not be delayed.

St. Grgur's Day – Town Požega's Day

One of the most important city celebrations is certainly the City Day, which is celebrated on March 12 on Grgurevo. The people of Pozega three centuries regularly commemorate the historical date of March 12, 1688, the day when Fr Luka Ibrišimović liberated Pozega from the 150 year long Turkish occupation. On that day, the Sokolovac hill marks the famous battle of Sokolovac with cannon and gunfire, city guards from all over Croatia and abroad parade through the streets, all poured over a glass of good wine from Požega's winemakers.


LIDAS 2020   Days of amateur creativity in June, populary known as LIDAS, are main framework of cultural life in city of Pleternica. The event is held for the 31st year in a row. Host and organizer of LIDAS is city of Pleternica with Tourist Board of Pleternica and local entrepreneurs and NGO who are giving their contribution of volunteerism. Except folk festival, they organise other events as part of LIDAS. Music-drama festival known as „Cvjetići glazbe“, „Fišijada“ and National open championship in doubletree driving, art events and other.

Masquerade Half New Year Eve celebration

Half of the New Year traditional summer carnival celebrates the first half of the year. The event draws in a large number of guests for the night long parties on the streets of Korcula. During the week of the celebration the organisers prepare workshops and street performances.

Korčulanske Pjatance – Spring food and wine festival

Korčulanske Pjatance – Spring food and wine festival celebrates Dalmatian cousine in both its classic and modern forms. The Korčula chefs present their gastronomic accomplishments through creative menus that show the diversity that this island has to offer together with new season releases from our wine and olive oil producers. All menus are designed especially for this occasion with special value for money prices.   Spring time provides inspiration with abundance of seasonal ingrediants that ripe and are of the best quality at this time of year. During the festival wine makers from Korčula and Pelješac take an opportunity to present their wine set trends for the coming season.
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