Holiday in Croatia

Carnival 2019 in Crikvenica

The Crikvenica Riviera's winter slumber receives a rather cheerful awakening with the arrival of carnival. It's a time for hosting numerous events, typified by the cheerful atmosphere and a great variety of colourful and imaginatively designed masks. Every year, as they make their way through the local villages, the carnival's participants sing and bang their drums loudly to chase away the spirits of winter and to summon spring back to life. Traditionally, masked parties take place on Saturdays, and tea parties with tombola on Sundays. There are also large carnival parades with groups from across the Kvarner area. On Ash Wednesday, local people read out "the sentence", a text criticising the state of society and making fun of certain events. After that comes the burning of the Pust – a puppet that gets held responsible for everything that has gone wrong in the previous year and that is named after actual social or political events in the area. Each year, masked groups from Crikvenica, Dramalj, Jadranovo and Selce participate in the International Carnival in Rijeka.


Prelos were a form of female mob, more accurately evening meetings of village women and girls that had a purpose of mutual help. They occured most oftenly in winter, deep into the night, when days are shorter and when there was less work around the field and house. At prelos yarn was made – prelo se (hence the name prelo), feathers were removed from their stems and other work was done, and they had an important social function. Namely, prelos were visited with the purpose of meeting and socialising of youth alongside work, song and merriment. At them stories were told, there was singing and dancing, and often times various social games were played. Girls came in earlier, worked, and boys came later, sat around, played instruments and sang, and courted girls.   At prelos were eaten former sour cookies, popcorn were popped, rakija and wine were drank. We can say that prelos were the predecessor of today's social networks. At the only Baranyan Prelo that takes place 31st of January in Beli Manastir, at the Ethnology Center of Baranja's Heritage. Numerous groups in culture from Baranya and beyond will partake. Besides handcrafting, ethnical attires will be displayed and former Baranyan delicacies will be possible to taste.

Rovinj's Christmas Magic

In December, Rovinj turns into a true Christmas fairy-tale. In fact, Christmas Magic and its numerous events cater to all tastes. There will be the ice-skating rink, concerts, exhibitions, gourmet offer on the square, creative workshops, theatre shows, etc. Wishing to enrich this year's holiday music and entertainment program within the Christmas Magic festival, we have planned the Rovinj's Winter Delicacies gourmet events and the now traditional Holidays at the Batana House. Near the ice rink, the white holiday houses that offer food and beverage start on 8 December and last until 8 January. The event will feature several Rovinj's restaurants with their special gourmet offer like dry cured meat products, prosciutto, cheese, hamburger, hot dog, pasta, grilled meat, kotlovina (food from the cauldron), various desserts like crepes, waffles, doughnuts (fritule). From the 26th to 29 December, the 10th Rovinj Music Festival is held at Valdibora with Neno Belan, Atomsko Sklonište, Šajeta and Alena Vitasović. The craziest night of the year will be celebrated in Rovinj with the popular rock band from Zagreb Prljavo kazalište. The supporting Party band will warm up and entertain the audience before the arrival of the main act. Along with the music part, the program also includes attractive fireworks that will sparkle in the night sky over Rovinj at midnight. A mailbox is situated on the small pier for those who want to write to Santa Claus, who will answer all received letters. Near the A. Gandusio Theater, there is a photo point with bobsleds and reindeers, while the small passage connecting the shore and Carera's street turned into a tunnel of desire, and a two-meter imitation of magical kisses is on the waterfront next to the Shipyard Square.

Lim Bay Challenge - Sunny winter trail

In that moment when winter knocks on our door and the first snow covers the mountain tops, we invite you to descend to the sea and enjoy the benefits of the Mediterranean climate, running along the Lim bay and the Vrsar hinterland on a two-day event called Lim Bay Challenge - Sunny Winter Trail. The central venue is Resort Belvedere near Vrsar, Istria. On Saturday, December 15 2018, there are two categories on schedule - Sunny and Fun&Run, while on Sunday, December 16 are Urban category and Kids Trail Run (race for the youngest).   Competitors of the Sunny category are going to be transported by buses to the start - the famous medieval fort of Dvigrad, whose walls are going to be the starting point of the race. The finish line is at Resort Belvedere. The Sunny category is a classic hardcore trail race with 900m uphill and 1000m downhill on the 30 km track. The track is abundant with exceptionally beautiful sceneries, which, together with the mentioned Dvigrad, include the most beautiful viewpoints from which you can see the Lim Bay. The terrain itself is an interesting mix of Mediterranean rocky trails, forest of Kontija and coastal woodland.   The Urban category (14km +250m ), scheduled for the second day, is a kind of soft trail variant intended for classic trail runners as well for those who prefer road and urban running. The difference between the classical road running is that the Urban category along the standard asphalted roads includes a multitude of slopes and macadamas through thematic and classic parks and tourist camps, and unforgettable stairs in the old city cores. The track moves along the shore of resort Belvedere to the north and passes through the old town of Vrsar, a quarry beneath it, several campsites by the sea, the Sculpture Park Dušan Džamonja, the town of Funtana, and then returning to the finish at resort Belvedere.   Fun & Run category (10km +150 m ) is designed as a recreational race for all who want to spend a day in nature and enjoy easy walking and jogging. Kids Trail Run category is intended for children of preschool and school age up to 14 years:  pre-school do 250 m, 1 – 4 class do 500 m, 5 – 8 class do 1000 m. As part of the event, 1. Croatia's outdoor convection will be held. The topic of this year's edition: Beginnings, development and prospects (adventure races, trail, trekking, outdoor festivals) 

Christmas in Baška Voda

This year, for the first time, Baška Voda has its Christmas holiday programme in a Christmas wooden house in the centre: „Christmas in Baška Voda“ from 18th to 30th December organized by Baška Voda Municipality, Baška Voda Tourist Board and all Baška Voda Societies. The programme includes: live music every night (Detour, Kuzma&Shaka Zulu, Viva band and many others), gastro specialties made by Baška Voda Societies, children programme and some surprises. Welcome, experience the holiday spirit and magic and have fun!

Philharmonic Ball

Once again this year, on 30 December 2018, in a festive holiday spirit, with the whoop, „Everything is a waltz!“, Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra will inaugurate the PHILHARMONIC BALL! It is a musical, and a social event that demonstrates all the splendour of tradition (and the gowns) and pays homage to the musical genius of the Strauss family, with waltzes, polkas and quadrilles bringing the atmosphere of the Viennese court to life, in addition to classical elegance that has been a little bit forgotten. On this occasion, Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra will be conducted by maestro Ivan Hut, with solo performances by the most prominent young artists of our opera scene: soprano Ilijana Korać Teklić, baritone Leon Košavić and the indispensable Girls choir Zvjezdice whose young members’ voices make every special occasion even more “sparkling”. They say that nowhere are balls as romantically formal as in Vienna. They also say that during the winter in Vienna they have more than 450 such balls. Our Zagreb Philharmonic ball is one and only, unique, formal and romantic, inviting you to dance, to romance, as well as to socialise, it is the New Year’s Eve party before the New Year’s  Eve party. Dress up in formal clothes, ask for a dance, and “have a ball” in the rhythm of the waltz!
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