Holiday in Croatia

Weather in June in Croatia

According to a long-term weather forecast for June 2015., there will be mostly sunny and warm on the Croatian coast.  Air temperature will range from 24 to 28 degrees while the sea temperature should range from 21 to 23 degrees, which is nice for swimming. 
During the whole June, according to a long-term weather forecast on, there will be only 2 or 3 rainy days. So, if you decide for a vacation in Croatia in June 2015., you shouldn’t be wrong.  For the last 15 days it is very warm on the coast and there are plenty of swimmers. In 14:00 pm the temperature is usually 25 degrees. Take advantage of our offer and book yourself a very affordable accommodation in June. Spend conveniently and pleasantly a part of your holiday. 

Ultra Split 2015 turns into Ultra week

The organisation of Ultra music festival in Split, that will take place from the 10 July till 12 July 2015, announced that the festival events will last for a full 7 days. So next year Ultra in Split becomes Ultra week and about 200 000 guests are expected. The main part of the festival will be the city stadium in Split, while the other events start a few days before. The locations have still not been discovered by the organisation. The Ultra week will be significant for a special yacht party with hundreds of yachts in the bays of Middle Dalmatia. So hurry up and book a spot on a boat on , or accommodation in Split on .

Dubrovnik Summer Festival

In the summer months, Dubrovnik offers a unique experience to all culture and art lovers, more precisely in the period from 10 July to 25 August in which Dubrovnik Summer Festival is held. This famous event was founded in 1950 year of the last century and since then entertains visitors with numerous theatrical and dance performances and concerts. If you want to enrich your holiday with cultural programs and enjoy performances by artists from all over the world, Dubrovnik is an ideal choice for you. In the unique ambience of the old city walls, in interesting locations such as the beautiful fortress Revelin, Sponza Palace and Rector's Palace, this summer, dramatic play Romeo and Juliet and concerts of Baroque music performed by Italian, French and German musicians will be held. The festival is enriched with film screenings and exhibitions.

Sinjska alka

If you find yourself in Dalmatia at the beginning of August, do not miss Sinjska alka, one of the most beautiful events that testify to the rich cultural and historical heritage of Croatia. Sinjska Alka is a knightly competition which is being held from the 18th century in memory of the victory against the Turkish army. It has been listed on UNESCO's list of intangible world heritage since 2010. It is being held in Sinj, a town in the Dalmatian hinterland, located about a half-hour drive from Split. Contestants on horses must hit the center of the Alka, a small iron circle divided into three parts and hung on a rope across the racetrack, with the spear. The event lasts for three days and the winner is the one who manages to collect the most points.

Magic on the island of Bisevo

Bisevo is one of the most distant Croatian islands which hides many natural beauties at its small surface. It is rich with the beautiful beaches in the cove Porat and Mezoporat, ancient olive groves, vineyards and pine forests. Probably the greatest attraction on Bisevo is a magical Modra spilja (Blue Grotto) that is located on the eastern side of the island. The cave was opened to the public in the late 19th century and since then it counts the number of visitors. The cave has a natural entrance below the sea level through which sunlight reflects and illuminates the cave with silver blue paint. The cave is accessible through artificially created entry. During the summer, this unique phenomenon can be visited daily as many agencies organize trips to the Blue Cave, and to Bisevo you can go with the regular ferry boat from Komiza.

Dalmatian – a new low cost flights to Croatia

Croatia will, very soon, become even closer. In early July, first Croatian low cost airline Dalmatian starts with the flights. This news will make the journey lovers especially happy considering that they will be able to buy tickets at extremely low prices. Flights depart on July 1 and will initially connect Zagreb with as many as 11 European destinations to which they will fly several times a week, and those destinations are: Düsseldorf, Geneva, Hamburg, Larnaca, Milan, Prague, Rome, Sofia, Stuttgart, Warsaw and Zurich. Tickets are on sale from mid-June and can be purchased for 30 euros one way. If you still haven't, book your ticket and choose Croatia as a destination for summer vacation. This is an excellent opportunity to explore the Croatian capital, which is only a few hours drive from Istria and Dalmatia.

International Choir Competition

International Choir Competition is a manifestation borne out of a long tradition of choir singing in the city of Zadar, carried on by the choir group Zoranić and the Festival of Choir Singing, which dates back to 1970s. These were the founding stones that gave rise to the Competition, a biennale musical competitive event that has ever since held the role of followers, carriers and initiators of the amateur choir singing tradition on a local, national and international level. The Competition features amateur singing choirs from all parts of Europe and around the world, announcing the beginning of summer with their music.

Christmas Fairy Tale of the Salaj family

All Christmas stories are romantic and educational, especially if you are a guest of the Salaj family in Grabovnica. At Christmas time, the Salaj family prepares a special treat for all the Christmas time enthusiasts, when their garden is alight with thousands of multicolored lights, offering all who come a magical sight and an idyllic atmosphere. The Christmas stable, the manger and the decorations all over the garden, including the multicolored Christmas lights and ornaments shining in the night, offer an unforgettable sense of a deep dream followed by awakening in a world of fairy tales, a world of a true Croatian Christmas story.

Ivanec Miners’ Days

The Miners’ Days in Ivanec demonstrate the importance the people of this area attach to keeping alive the memory of their traditional ways of social and cultural life, as well as to teaching the young people to cherish their cultural and historic heritage. This also provides all visitors with an exceptional opportunity to see the exhibition of the old tools and other equipment used by miners in the old days, and thus learn about the hardships of our ancestors. The exhibition is supplemented by children’s works on the subject of mining, and by the miners’ sculptures. Undoubtedly the most attractive part of the event is the procession of the historical Ivanec Miners’ Company that is in charge of receiving the guests and ensuring that everyone feels welcome.

Advent In Zagreb

Advent in the Heart of Zagreb is a series of holiday events held on the city’s squares, bringing the spirit of Advent and Christmas to guests and citizens of Zagreb through a rich musical and artistic programme. Interested citizens, guests and passers-by can enjoy various programmes by numerous cultural societies, children’s choirs, drama ensembles, dance groups and music bands, or shop at fairs tailored for the occasion.

Zagreb Film Festival

Zagreb Film Festival is a venue not just for film buffs, but for many other visitors to whom the festival programme successfully opens up new horizons into the field of film art. The Festival programme includes films that are not necessarily of a commercial character, but lean towards artistic creation. However, the films presented at the Zagreb Film Festival invariably become hits among serious film audiences. As these are often films having no regular distribution, the festival also represents a unique opportunity to even see the films. Film screenings are accompanied by excellent concerts, so you are guaranteed a great time in addition to new films.

Biograd Boat Show

The autumn nautical show in Biograd is a place where one can obtain plenty of information regarding sailing, close a lucrative deal or have a good time. As it happens, the events within the show are scheduled in a way which makes room for both business and pleasure. During the day, the show is focused on professional seminars and nautical associations’ meetings. When the exhibitors close their tents, all available areas in town are filled with concerts and similar events, ensuring relaxation for visitors at the end of a hard business day.
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