The top seven stunning winter spots in Croatia

1. Plitvice Lakes National Park Complete with jaw-dropping lakes and connecting waterfalls, Croatia’s best-known national park, and UNESCO World Heritage Site, Plitvice Lakes, is unmissable during the winter. Surrounded by dense forests of beech, fir and spruce, the area truly transforms into a winter wonderland during the colder months, especially when it snows! 2. Zavižan, […]

Pumpkin month in Ivanić-Grad

Without a doubt, the restaurants, inns and rural households of the Zagreb Green Ring from the beginning of October onwards are very lively and interesting. Autumn specialties line up and attract guests, and those who want even more direct contact with food can visit some of the traditional festivals dedicated to autumn foods and their preparation.   16th Bučijada in Ivanić-Grad will be held in accordance with the epidemiological situation and the traditional fair will get its virtual corner through social networks and the website of the Tourist Board of Ivanić-Grad ( where there are numerous family farms and eco-farms and producers of pumpkin oil, explore and find something for yourself. Ivanić-Grad Tourist Board in cooperation with local caterers and the company ‘Piknika’ invite all visitors to taste pumpkin dishes, and if you are a fan of greenery, fill your picnic basket and enjoy picnic on the city's green areas and surrounding rural estates. We emphasize that this action encourages an active stay in nature, as well as the selection of healthy food by local caterers and agricultural producers.    Be sure to watch the new promotional video of the Tourist Board of Ivanić-Grad in order to present all the tourist potentials in the best way.

Rethinking Tourism B2B

Rethinking Tourism B2B event is a virtual brokerage event organised by Croatian Chamber of Economy. The brokerage event will be held on the 7th and 8th of October and will include webinars and B2B 1:1 sessions. The brokerage event aims to foster cooperation between SMEs/institutions in the tourism sector as well as those who do business with the tourism sector. Offer your products, services, expertise, investment opportunities and projects opportunities. Organize 1:1 meetings with potential partners easily and quickly through the web platform. The Rethinkin Tourism B2B event is part of (and funded by) MISTRAL, an Interreg MED programme, aiming to strengthen international cooperation within the Blue Growth ecosystem and to increase the networking capabilities of SMEs, research centres, universities and Clusters.    Registration for the event closes on the 6th of October 2020 at 13:00.

Lošinj Sails around the World

“Lošinj Sails around the World” Festival is dedicated to the rich maritime and shipbuilding tradition of the island of Lošinj. During this Festival, everyone interested will get an insight into the rich maritime heritage of Lošinj, history will be revived while sticking to the historical facts, and Lošinj will be promoted through tourism and marketing activities as the destination of the "revived maritime history" hitherto unknown to the wider public. Visitors can also try thematic cuisine ”The Gastronomy of Lošinj Captains”.

Ogulin Fairy Tale Festival

From 11th to 13th September 2020, the 15th Ogulin Fairy Tale Festival will be held in Ogulin – the homeland of fairy tales on the already famous festival locales. With its synergy of natural beauties and many cultural-educational contents, everyone who wants to experience a fairy tale will enjoy the Ogulin Fairy Tale Festival. This unique project in Croatia was inspired by the creativity of Ivana Brlić-Mažuranić whose hometown as a unique connection of natural beauties with the many myths and legends was an inexhaustible source of inspiration in moments of the creation of the most famous collection of fairy tales in Croatia, Ivana’s Stories of Long Ago:   (…) the first powerful impressions that I can remember came from Ogulin. F rom the first of these visits, I remember the special excitement that the unusualness of the surroundings and the local people’s costumes made me feel inside. T he strange and striking shapes of Klek and the romance of the River Dobra provided my imagination with so much food that far into the night I rolled the strangest images and fantastic possibilities around in my thoughts: what was being played out in the depths of the night around Klek? Strangel y, my imagination did not assume mighty, turbulent and incessant scenes, played out by fantastic, mostly heroic, now historic now biblical creatures, all in some kind of bond, and all with some hazy patriotic aim, on the peak of Klek but instead in its interior. M oreover, I did not keep these images that presented themselves to me as a creation of my imagination but as a discovery that from a distance portrayed the true inner life of Klek . (…)   Today Ivana and the characters from her fairy tales in Ogulin - the homeland of fairy tales are the hosts to all fairy tale writers and fairy tales of the world.   This year the Ogulin Fairy Tale Festival with continue to nurture and extol the character and creativity of Ivana Brlić-Mažuranić, bringing together aspects of the inspiration, creation and inception of the artistic work that is still an inspiration to new generations. The festival offers a rich and varied programme over three full days. Through the celebration of fairy tales, the interaction of the performers and visitors, the Ogulin Fairy Tale Festival wants to offer a special experience of togetherness and to encourage people to participate creatively in the festival, especially to families and children. The diverse programme includes something for everyone: some of the best Croatian produced children’s shows, animation and street theatre, storytelling, educational, presentation and creative workshops, quizzes and much more.

International organ festival Organum Histriae

During 20 years of activity, the International organ festival Organum Histriae executed many attractive programs through which the tendency was on the popularisation of organ cultural heritage and to raise awareness about the importance of its protection and restoration, also very important for development of cultural tourism in Istria. This year's 21st Organum Histriae, in the period from 31st of August till 6th of September 2020, will walk us through a few fantastic locations with performances held by excellent musicians. The festival will be opened with glorious Fanfare by our eminent composer Anđelko Klobučar in one of the oldest Romanesque buildings in Istria – Parish church of St Martin in Sv. Lovreč Pazenatički. This church hides one very rare pearl – organ built in 1735 by famous Petar Nakić (Pietro Nacchini), restored by Premiata Fabbrica Organi F. Zanin in 2013. Our prominent Croatian musicians, gathered in a trio called Trio Seraphim, Monika Cerovčec (soprano), Vedran Kocelj (trumpet) and organist Pavao Mašić (double winner of Organum Histriae's competition Andrea Antico da Montona) will give us a splendid musical evening under a program title Eternal Source of Light Divine. At the same organ, our brilliant, young organist with an international career, Ivo Mrvelj will give his Hommage à Božidar Grga. But, in between these two concerts, our ''festival carriage'' will travel to Pula and its Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. L' orchestre à quatre mains, rarely performed pieces in a four – hands combination on the organ will unite two remarkable young organists – Elena Roce and Krešimir Klarić. For the last day of the festival, our newly founded Istrian young musician ensemble Organum Histriae will enrich the Thanksgiving Holy Mass and present their already advanced abilities during the short concert. Last but not least, from the same Parish church of St Servulus in Buje, another pearl was chosen for this event – organ by Gaetano Callido from 1791 (restoration: Brondino Vegezzi Bossi 2000/2001). The honor of closing the festival was given to Ljerka Očić who had obtained the role of the first artistic director of this festival. She will perform alongside a brilliant oboist Branko Mihanović with quite some interesting repertoire under the name Musica Affettuosa, announcing the feast of The Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary and Buje City Day.   21st International organ festvial Organum Histriae 31.8. - 6. 9. 2020. Sv. Lovreč Pazenatički, Pula, Buje   31.8. – MONDAY – 20:00 Sv. Lovreč Pazenatički – Parish church of St Martin Organ by P. Nakić 1735 / restoration: Premiata Fabbrica Organi F. Zanin 2013   Opening concert: ETERNAL SOURCE OF LIGHT DIVINE Trio Seraphim (HR/CRO) Monika Cerovčec, soprano        Vedran Kocelj, trumpet Pavao  Mašić, organ   2.9. – WEDNESDAY– 20:00 Pula - Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Eisenbarth organ, 2001 L'ORCHESTRE À QUATRE MAINS Elena Roce  & Krešimir Klarić, organ four hands (HR/CRO – NL)   4.9. - FRIDAY– 20:00 Sv. Lovreč Pazenatički – Parish church of St Martin Organ by P. Nakić 1735 / restoration Premiata Fabbrica Organi F. Zanin 2013 HOMMAGE À BOŽIDAR GRGA Ivo Mrvelj, organ (HR/DE)   6.9. – SUNDAY Buje – Parish church of St Servulus Organ by G. Callido 1791 / restoration: Brondino Vegezzi Bossi, 2000/2001   11.30 – Thanksgiving holy mass and concert Istrian young musicians ensemble Organum Histriae   20.00 – MUSICA AFFETTUOSA Branko Mihanović, oboe (HR) Ljerka Očić, organ (HR)
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