Island Cres - Tourist guide

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The island of Cres is located in the northwestern part of the Kvarner Bay. There is a drawbridge in Osor on the south which links it with the island of Losinj. Cres is a hilly island, 66 km long and 2-12 km broad. The coastline is indented and has plenty of coves and pebble beaches on its west side. Island Cres has been already inhabited in the Stone Age so it is very rich in historical and cultural heritage. There is Vrana lake in the center of the island of Cres, a large natural reservoir. It supplies the population of Cres and Losinj with drinking water. It is possible to arrive on the island of Cres in several ways. You can travel with the ferry to the port of Porozina from Valbinski on the island of Krk and from Brest in Istria. The island can be reached by ferry from Pula, Zadar and Rijeka, and twice a week from Venice and Ancona in the high season. Catamaran from Rijeka navigates on a daily basis. There are direct bus connections also on daily basis from Zagreb and Rijeka. There is one of the largest and most beautiful marinas in Croatia for sailors on Cres, which has the Blue Flag and is opened all year round. The nearest airports are at Krk and Losinj.
The experience of visiting Cres is only for those who love nature and authentic ambience. Lifestyle of the islanders has not much changed. If you want an active vacation being a supporter of a healthy lifestyle you can enjoy diving, swimming, sport fishing, you can rent boats, bicycles, sports fields for different purposes, you can hike, walk, collect medicinal herbs, enjoy sailing and much more. If you are a lover of culture and historical sights, you will find on the island of Cres the remains of ancient cities, Roman Catholic churches, monasteries and the remains of the city's heritage of the Venetian period until the present day monuments which are in museums in Cres and Osor. The evenings can be spent in one of the many island's taverns eating local fish, lamb, Cres sheep's cheese, ham and wine. After resting at one of the beautiful beaches of Cres you can also have fun. Island of Cres offers a number of urban festivals in July, summer carnival-Fishermen night in August, disco, bar on the outdoor, rave beach party, and romantic walks along the sea under the stars.
There are two large sandy bays, "Slatina" and "Tiha"in the camp "Slatine", between those stretches a rocky beach which is partly intact and partly covered with concrete surfaces for lying. There are secluded romantic beach for lovers of naturism nearby. Slatina Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island of Cres and has been awarded a Blue Flag which symbolizes preserved, safe and comfortable environment for rest, entertainment and recreation. You can visit the most beautiful beaches of the island of Cres only by an excursion boat that is easily rented at affordable prices.

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