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The island of Pag is one of the 5 largest island in the Adriatic, but the length of its coastline with 269.2 km makes it the most indented island of the Adriatic, rich with coves, bays, capes and beaches. The island is known for its poor coverage with vegetation and it is often compared with the lunar surface. Due to the position of the island under Velebit mountain from which strong winds blow all the year (especially in winter), the island of Pag is almost all covered with salt from the Velebit channel.
You can reach the island on the south side from Posedarje near Zadar, with the Pag bridge which is 310 m long, or by ferry to the north of the island from the port Prizna on the mainland to the small village Žigljen.
The island of Pag is the only Croatian island that is split between two counties. Northern part of the island (Novalja) is located in the county of Lika-Senj, and Southern part (City of Pag, Kolan and Povljana municipality) are in the Zadar county.
Rocky landscape with only a few stalks of aromatic herbs that sheeps pasture creates a unique impression. Exactly that herbs in the diet of island's sheep on the rocks, give a special taste of its famous cheese. The cuisine of the island offers named first class sheep cheese and lamb meat, besides various seafood specialties. The continuation of the shallow bay hides another great wealth, tested and proven medical mud.
Pag offers unusual shapes, wild exotic, gentle oasis, hiking trails and shallow bays which tours would last several days. Traveling north on the island is recommended only during the summer, when anyone who has spirit of an explorer, can experience the unforgettable scenery, outside the crowds in the special world of rock and sea.
Geographical location of the island of Pag allows each visitor quick and easy trips to the largest Croatian national parks (Plitvice Lakes, Northern Velebit, Paklenica, Kornati).
We also recommend the visitors to inspect rich cultural and historical heritage of Pag, and the salt flats which are very famous in Croatia, and in particular we would like to stress the uniqueness of Pag lace which is the trademark of the island of Pag and a nice souvenir.

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