Peljesac peninsula - Tourist guide

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Peljesac peninsula presents a part of the most beautifull coast on the whole Adriatic, being situated on the southernmost part of Croatia. It is the largest peninsula on the Croatian coast, after Istria. Almost 62 kilometers long it is characterized by high hills with sloping fields, ideal for abundant vineyards. The trade in wine and a developed maritime industry contributed to the development of the littoral settlements in the sheltered bays. In the shallow bay at the bottom of Stone canal were built the large salt works, vital for the needs of the glorious Dubrovnik Republic, reaching two thirds of its total earnings. In order to protect that production Veliki Ston was founded and built according to plan and Mali Ston also on the opposite side of the isthmus.

Peljesac peninsula is connected to the mainland by daily fairy lines, as well as by road via Ston. The whole peninsula, covered with dense evergreen and Mediterranean vegetation, belongs to the warmest places on the Adriatic thanks to the many sunny days. Thanks to fertile land and plenty of sunshine, the inhabitants of Peljesac have lived off of wine, olive, fruit and vegetable growing for centuries. It is almost always windy in the Peljesac Channel. In summer the refreshing western maestral usually blows, well for sailing. Sea currents in the Peljesac Channel are rather weak, growing stronger only with the jugo.

Orebic lies on the Southwest coast of the peninsula of Peljesac, below the mountain of Sveti Ilija (961). It is the most popular tourist resort on the Peljeska Riviera. The coast of Orebic is full of small sand and pebble beaches, the biggest being Trstenica, which is 1500 m long. Orebic has ferry lines with Korcula, because it is its shortest way to the mainland. Orebic and other Peljesac towns of Viganj, Kucisce and Loviste offer various accommodation facilities (hotels, apartments), long sandy beaches, numerous small caves and clear seawater. There are also sports and recreational facilities and opportunities like tennis courts, football, yachting, windsurfing and outstanding gastronomic offer presented by seafood and famous Peljesac wines (Dingac, Postup).

Trpanj is a town and harbour on the northern coast of the Peljesac Peninsula, 11 km northeast of Orebic. Mild climate caracterize this village like the whole area. There are beautifull beaches in and around Trpanj. Viganj is a village and small harbour on the west part of the southern coast of the Peljesac Peninsula, 7 km west of Orebic zone. It lies in a spacious bay, facing the south. Being sheltered from northern winds by Sveti Ilija Mountain it has a port for smaller yachts. The surroundings are ideal for walks and hiking and gathering of different herbs.

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