Riviera Omis - Tourist guide

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The Omis litoral encompasses the narrow coastal strip from Podstrana on the north to Pisak on the south. The mountain Mosor is a natural border between the litoral and its hinterland. The climatic conditions of the area provide the condititons for the growth of a pronounced Mediterranean vegetation which together with the rural architecture of its villages create an idillic scenery.

Krilo Jasenice is small 15 km south of Split, central Dalmatia's tourist center. It is placed on a part of the coast that is dotted with small bays and isolated beaches, while there are concrete swimming areas in front of houses. The port on the Krilo promontory beneath Jesenice is particulary pitoresque with numerous ships of the sand salesmen, which was a very usual bussiness in the past for the people living on the mouth of the river Cetina and was very well paid.

Sumpetar is 15 km south of the city of Split, on the half way to Omis. It makes the part of the commune Dugi Rat with the other small villages also ideal for your peacefull vacations. The coastline in this area is well indented and has numerous bays with small beaches, while there are concrete swimming areas in front of some of the private houses.

Dugi Rat is the place and the port between Split and Omis. The mountain massive covered with the pine forests, extending up to the beaches, makes this zone extraordinary beautifull. The green, rarities, clean air, mild climate and magnificent view over the sea and islands is the thing which would impress every visitor at the first sight. Sand beaches are an excellent choice for families with small children. The waters of the Brac Channel enable active holidays with numerous sports activities for boaters, windsurfers and water skiers.

Duce is a pitoresque village in Poljica, the area at the foot of the Mosor mountainous chain. It is situated some 3 km from Omis e 25 km from Split on the Adriatic road to Dubrovnik. Its fame Duce owns to the sand beaches stretching in the longitude of 4 km with the shallow depth which is a natural fenomena. It belonged in the past to the famous Poljice Republic ruled by the Grand Duke according to the decrees of the Poljice Statute. Such a heritage has left an indelible imprint on that place which is proud of its preserved examples of popular rural architecture.

Omis is a very extraordinary town situated only 28 km south from Split on the main road to Dubrovnik. It is sistemated at the mouth of the Cetina river, who strangely succeded to pierce mountain rocks making a canyon of the impressive view. Omis owns to its river all its fame; past, present and future. Once was a secure shelter for the piraten ships. Today Omis is the turist pearl. The insurmontable rocks were the ideal place to errect numerous fortresses which protected Omis which was not obliged to divide the destiny of its continent, Turks invasions went beyond it.

The parish church of St Michael was finished in the 1629. Next to the church there is a small pittoresque baroque square.Omis was lucky to become the traditional host to all song lovers, who come here to enjoy the sound that echoes on the small square of St Michael, during the festival of harmony singing groups. On the corrent of the Cetina river there are Radman's mills surrounded by the enormous platans and the fish-pond with trouts. Today this one is the favourite destination for the trips in the central Dalmatia.

Pisak is a small tourist destination on the fabulous Makarska Riviera, situated 40 km south from Split and 18 km north-west from Makarska. This Riviera is famous for its beautiful coastline and pebble beaches that go on for kilometers. Rare inhabitance and the long parts along the coast without houses resulted by the extremely clear and clean sea in Pisak.

Stanici is a nice, quiet place 10 km south of Omis. Because of its position on the slopes of the mountain the village offers a great view over the channel and the island of Brac. The air in this place is absolutely clean just like sea and this place is ideal for a quiet holiday in a beautiful landscape.

Outdoor enthusiasts can try water sports or go rafting and canyoing on Cetina River. Those who would like to unwind can visit Omis famous for its harmony singinf groups, taverns, pirates as well as for its Mediterranean architecture and ambience.

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