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About us

Croatia hotels apartments is a portal owned by the travel agency To Islands Travel d.o.o. that is conducting the booking service on behalf of the property owners that advertise and sell their accommodation units.

To Islands Travel is founded in 2004. and has a long term experience in renting private accommodation, charter boats and hotel capacities in Croatia. We have over 4000 accommodation units in our offer. Every year thousands of clients book through our agency and thus we are one of the largest agencies in Croatia. In 2012. Lider magazine listed us among the 100 most reliable business partners in Croatia. RESERVATIONS MADE THROUGH TO ISLANDS TRAVEL ARE ABSOLUTELY SAFE.

Information about company:
To Islands Travel d.o.o. travel agency,  CROATIA
Office: Ruđera Boškovića 7, 21000 Split, OIB/VAT: HR95019415219, ID. CODE: HR-AB-21-060226108
Account number:
HR8723400091510357533 at PRIVREDNA BANKA ZAGREB d.d.

Commercial court in Split Tt-06/3003-4, MBS 060226108
Subscribed capital 760.000,00 HRK, paid in full. Board member: Ivica Sinovcic

Why to use services of To Islands Travel agency?

  1. To Islands Travel represents only accomodation units that have a permit of the croatian tourist offices and have work permission. We have direct contracts with owners. Information regarding properties and accommodation units, as well as the pictures, are detailed and tested. Location of objects on the map is accurate.

  2. To Islands Travel offers complete service and answers all your questions. We help our guests in solving all the problems they may come across during their stay in Croatia. You can ask us any question regarding the accommodation or destination - we will try to answer all of them.

  3. Special prices, first minute, last minute. Owners often make special offers to fill the available dates and we will inform after your request whether there is a discount on the price.

  4. Flexible payment. During the booking, you can pay just the advance through To Islands Travel and the rest upon the arrival. You pay on the account in the bank that is in the SEPA system (no costs of money transfer) or via our on-line credit card payment system using a secured link.

  5. You receive the voucher, as an official document of your reservation, via e-mail immediately after we receive the payment.

  6. The largest accommodation portals are our partners! Our offer is enlisted on the following accommodation portals: Casamundo, Atraveo, E-domizil, Tripadvisor, Flipkey, Holidaylettings, CaseVacanza, Homeaway, Fewodirekt and many others. That is a proof of safe bookings and quality.

  7. To Islands Travel has, according to Croatian laws, an agreed insurance policy at Allianz d.d. that could cover an eventual damage that would appear to our clients. Up to 300,000,00 HRK (cca 40.000,00 Eura)of damages are covered.

  8. To Islands Travel offers to all its clients a travel-health insurance package, and an insurance from travel cancellation on behalf of its partner Allianz d.d.

  9. To Islands Travel has a growing number of reservations in the accomodation units which presents and more and more people chooses our services each year.

General bussiness terms of the agency To Islands Travel

The Agency has contracted the Liability insurance with the insurance company Generali according to the croatian laws under the number P13E-1022680937, P15 - 1020000331




1. General regulations
These general conditions are valid for all natural or legal persons (in the following text the Traveler), who arrange the booking or some other services through To Islands Travel d.o.o. (in the following text the Agency), presented on the Agency’s Internet pages ( or some other Agency’s advertising material or pages. These general conditions are constituent part of the contract on traveling (in the following text Voucher) which confirms that the Agency arranged certain booking or some other service in the name or for the Traveler (in the following text the Reservation ) with the providers of the services (in the following text the Host). With the booking of the Reservation the Traveler confirms that he understood all the general conditions and that he will obey them absolutely. With the booking of the Reservation all these alleged general conditions become legally binding for the Traveler and the Agency. The Agency in this business stands as the intermediator.

2. The Agency’s offer
The Agency offers to the Traveler the accommodation and the other services presented on the Agency’s internet pages. The Agency signs with the Hosts a special contract on intermediation, fills in special questionnaires about the accommodation complex and about every accommodation unit and arranges with the Host the price of the accommodation unit. The Host obligates himself with his signature on the questionnaires and the contract, that all alleged data about his object and the accommodation units are true, responsible for the authenticity of the data and gives the Agency the authority to book the Reservations with the Travelers in his name. The accommodation units are described according to the official categorization of the authorized institution and according to the questionnaires filled by the Host. The Host guarantees that all the photos presented on the Agency’s internet pages are authentic.

3. Agency's Obligations
The Agency obliges itself to make the arranged Reservation realized, according to the traditions in the tourism industry. The Agency provides the services according to the information published on the day of the confirmation of the Reservation from the part of the Traveler except in the circumstances beyond its control. If some disagreement between the Traveler and the Host appears, the Agency obligates itself to help resolve the problem according to the mutual pleasure.

4. The price of the service
The price for every accommodation unit is nominated on the price list at the bottom of the presentation page of the certain object. The price is connected with the presented service (only bed, bed with breakfast, half-board or similar) and presented equipment of the accommodation unit. The price includes the fee which the Traveler has to pay to the Agency for its services. The other services not alleged on the price list has to be payed additionally. If the air-conditioning is not included in the price that has to be nominated additionally on the page of the certain object. The prices nominated on the Agency’s internet pages are arranged on the basis of the contract with the Hosts and our partners and does not have to match the prices published on the price list sin the facility in which the Traveler sojourn. The eventual difference in the price can not be the subject of the complaint. The prices are appointed in EUR.
The Agency keeps the right to change the prices. The Travelers who already made the down payment or payed the total amount for the Reservation the Agency guarantee the service according to the agreed price.

5. Sojourn tax
The Traveler pays the sojourn tax together with the payment of the last amount of money in the name of the Reservation or to the Host when arriving in the accommodation unit or to the Agency if the total payment is agreed to be payed to the Agency. For those objects where the sojourn tax has already been included in the price that is nominated specifically. Sojourn tax usually amounts 7 kn per adult person (cca 0,95 EUR). In some less developed tourist areas in Croatia could be smaller. Also it is smaller in the pre-season or post-season. Children from the age of 12 to 18 are entitled to a 50% of that amount while the children under the age of 12 do not pay the sojourn tax. The Agency will explicitly inform the guest of the residence fee payment obligation, instructing the guest to pay via the Agency. If the guest has not been explicitly informed via e-mail or over the phone, the guest will pay the residence fee directly in the hotel where he/she is staying.

6. The rights and the obligations of the Traveler.
The Traveler realizes the Reservation according the determined conditions with the Agency nominated in the Voucher issued in his name. If the Traveler wants to change the conditions from the Voucher (greater number of persons than at the moment of the agreement of the reservation, enlargement of the sojourn etc. ) he has to inform the Agency which will arrange the new price and realize the change if possible. The Traveler has the right to use the total presented equipment of the certain accommodation unit according the prices arranged. If he wants some additional services, which are out of the agreed conditions, he has to make the agreement with the Agency and the Host. At the moment of arrival in the accommodation unit, the nominated has to be clean and equipped with the clean laundry, towels and the toilet paper. The laundry and the towels has to be replaced with the clean ones every seven days. The Host is obligated to allow to the Guests undisturbed usage of the accommodation unit. The Traveler is obligated to respect the house order and also all the laws of the Republic of Croatia.

7. The process from the request to the Reservation (booking) and the models of payment
The Agency receives the requests from the Travelers by e-mail, telephone, or in the written form or personally in the Agency’s office, than it inquires the availability of the certain service and informs the Traveler about the information received. If the Traveler expresses the wish to make the Reservation for the determined term and the determined service in his name, than it makes the alleged term and the service booked on his name. After the confirmation of the Reservation the Traveler gets the instructions for the advanced payment which has to be realized within the dead line announced by the Agency. After the reception of the payment the Traveler will get from the Agency the written documents about his payment from depending the model he chose.

Model 1.

The traveler pays 40% in advance to the Agency's account after concluding the Reservation. 60% is paid 32 days before the start date of the Reservation (check in). Upon receipt of the advance payment, the Traveler will receive a confirmation of payment and after payment of the remaining money Voucher and Invoice.

Model 2.
If there are less than 32 days until the start date of the reservation (check in), the entire amount is paid to the Agency's account. After payment, the Traveler receives a Voucher and an Invoice

All costs of money transfer or bank fees are borne by the Traveler.


8. Check in, check out (arrival hour and departure hour in the accommodation unit)
The Travelers enter in the reserved accommodation after 14,00 of the first day of the Reservation and leave before 10,00 in the morning of the last day of the Reservation unless agreed otherwise.
The Traveler has to come in the reserved unit until midnight on the day of the beginning of the Reservation or has to inform the Agency about the delay. If does not do so the Reservation is considered canceled and the canceling expenses has to be counted.

9. The right of the Agency on changes and canceling
If the Agency notices possible problems in getting the Reservation realized it is obliged to inform the Traveler about that and recommend another accommodation. In the case that it is impossible to realize the other accommodation the Agency obliges to make the refund of all payed amount from the Traveler to the Agency. If any kind of unpredictable problem which is not possible to prevent occurs at the day of the beginning of the Reservation, so it could not be realized than the Agency will try to find replacement accommodation from its offer. If that solution could not be realized than it will try to help the Traveler to find the alternative accommodation and make the refund of the amount payed on the Agency’s account.

10. Complaints
If there could be seen some failures upon the arrival in the accommodation unit the Traveler is obliged to contact the Agency upon the issue immediately and cooperate with the Agency and the Host in the good faith that the problem will be removed. If the failures could be removed and does not disturb further consummation the Traveler has no right on further complaints. If the failures could not be removed and they influence the quality of the Reservation, the Traveler has to send written complaint about the issue within 7 days upon his return from the vacations and the end of his Reservation and therefore can ask for a adequate refund (e-mail: The complaint has to be explained with reasonable correct arguments.
Pursuant to an article 6, item 3. of "Zakon o pružanju usluga u turizmu (Narodne Novine 130/17)",
it is possible to provide the tourist service user with a written complaint in the business premises,
at the address Ruđera Boškovića 7, 21000 Split,
via post to the address Ruđera Boškovića 7, 21000 Split,
by fax at 00385-21-494-820,
or by e-mail:

We will respond to the written complaint within 15 days of receipt of the complaint.

11. Other terms
The Agency obligates to protect the personal data about the Traveler and that it will use them with the purpose of Reservation. If the Traveler books the Reservation at the period of some discount than he consumes the Reservation under those conditions. Different actions do not add. The Agency and the Traveler will try to solve eventual problems with mutual agreement and that is not possible than the Court in Split is in the charge of the case and the Croatian juridistic laws.

To Islands Travel d.o.o. 01.01.2007.

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