Island Pasman - Tourist guide

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Pasman is an island in the Zadar archipelago southeast of the island of Ugljan, separated from it by a narrow strait called Zdrelac The island of Pasman is in a way twin brother to the island of Ugljan because they are of approximately the same surface area and position, and with similarly situated towns. The steep western coast is indented with numerous coves, well protected from the bora, especially in the south-eastern part. All places on the island are situated along the less indented eastern coast: Tkon, Kraj, Pasman, Mrljane, Nevidane, Dobropoljana, Banj and Zdrelac and they are all connected by the regional road running along the entire island. There are also ferry lines Tkon - Biograd na Moru. Chief occupations are farming, growing of vines, olives, fruit and vegetables, livestock breeding, fishing and tourism.

There are many vineyards, olive groves and herbs on the island. There are also many pebbled and sandy beaches. One of the most beautiful sandy beaches is in Mrljane, a village famous for its small swamp with healing mud. From the top of the island you can see the National Park Kornati. On the island there are numerous paths for mountain bicyclism. The island has been populated since the prehistoric times (Illyrian hill-fort, Roman finds - Pasman, Banj). Along the cove of Sveti Ante (St. Anthony) on the south-western coast is a small, pre-Romanesque one-nave church. It was populated by the refugees who fled from the Turks.

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