Island Dugi otok - Tourist guide

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The largest of the Zadar islands is Dugi otok. About 45 km long, with a very indented shore on both its tips as well as on its northeastern side, geomorphologically various and interesting, covered with rich and variegated vegetation, it is without doubt one of the most beautiful and picturesque of the Dalmatian islands. It stretches in the direction north-west - south-east, with the island of Molat in the north and the island of Kornat in the south. The highest peak Vela Straza (338 m). The western coast of the island is steep and high, with a number of islets along it but other coasts are lower, with a number of coves and sand shores such as Soliscica, Pantera and Telascica. At its southeastern tip, indented Telascica bay, about 10 km long has smaller inlets and isles. Telascica is today a protected natural park.

Economy is based on farming, viticulture, olive growing, livestock breeding and fishing. The largest place is Sali, other places being Zaglav, Zman, Brbinj, Bozava, Luka, Veli Rat, Soline, Dragove and Savar. A regional road runs along the island. Ferry lines connect the island with Zadar (Bribinj, Zaglav).

Dugi Otok was mentioned by Constantine Porphyrogenitus in the mid-10th century under the name Pizuh. In the 10th-11th century the island was mentioned in the sources as Insula Tilagus (the name was preserved in the name of the Telascica Bay). Early Croatian remains include small churches, small houses built in dry construction technique and graves.

Olive grove Saljsko polje situated on the island is locally called "olive forest" with olive trees, which are up to 700 years old. Mysterious world of the sea can be explored on many diving locations in the area. In the summer the island hosts many fishermen festivities, donkey races, sport activities and competitions, most famous of which are Saljske uzance in the village Sala. Ferry lines connect the Long Island with Zadar on everyday basis.

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