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The old town of Cavtat, in the very centre of the South Adriatic, is situated at the south slopes of the peninsula of Rat, in the immediate vicinity of Dubrovnik, 20 km to the southeast from it. Known as Epidaurum in ancient times, it is today the tourist and cultural centre of Konavle, the southernmost region of Croatia. This is the town of beautiful beaches and luxury hotels together with a traditional way of life and preserved customs.

Being first inhabited by Illyrians and a handful of Greek traders, and then Romans (Epidaurum, Ragusa Vecchia) who made it into a colony, Cavtat acquired and never relinquished that special ancient spirit that's easily seen and even more so felt when one finds oneself here. It is a treasure trove filled with history, art and culture.

The diverse cultural institutions have their seats in the Prince's palace, constructed in the Reneissance style. The church of St. Nicholas was reconstructed in the Baroque style. In Cavtat is situated the birth house of the greatest Croatian painter from the beggining of the twentieth century, Vlaho Bukovac together with his art gallery. We can admire his paintings in the Franciscan convent, adorned with a beautifull Reneissance cloister. The most famous Croatian sculptor Ivan Mestrovic had constructed the mausoleum for Racic family on the city cemetery situated on the hill, in the sumptuous greenery, which presents the sculptoral work of the gratest importance.

Due to its beauty, natural as well as man-made, luxuriant vegetation and nice shores, its rich history and very pleasant Mediterranean climate this town has become one of the most sought after European tourist resorts. Cavtat today offers its visitors everything a modern resort should. If you are a sport's fan you have so many options to satisfy your needs; fun sporting activities like scuba-diving, waterpolo or swimming, tennis, water ski, wave-riding and wind-surfing. Fishing, horseback riding or safari you can practice in the nearby Konavle.

Concerning the schedule of annual events it is worth to point out the carnival festivities in January or February, specially Small Carnival Fiesta when children take leading role. In July and August The Cavtat Summer take place which is the chief permanent cultural event with a number of concerts of harmony-singing groups, folk music groups and waterpolo tournaments. The biggest event in the whole year is the Day of Our Lady of the Snows on 5th August when along with the sacral ceremony the public holiday commemorating an important date in the recent Croatian history takes place.

When in Cavtat, your senses are overwhelmed with that unforgettable aroma of pine trees that summer breeze carries all throughout, the faint rumour of voices from the distant pebbly beaches, the site of inviting, warm, crystal clear, blue Adriatic sea. There are beautiful sand, pebble and rocky beaches all around Cavtat with inviting palm-lined promenades and restful spas in the comfortable hotels. Cavtat's 7 km long walking paths extend through the dense pine wood and enable you the most pleasurable moments of rest and relaxation.

As in most of Dalmatia's cities and townships, you will find delicious specialties in the restaurants for every taste and pocket, fish and shellfish prepared with olive oil, garlic, parsley and other herbs. In any case that you wonder what to do in Cavtat we suggest that you explore the region and visit Dubrovnik, Konavle, Zupa Dubrovacka and Elafiti Islands, all sites very close to it.

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